Blazor tutorial 4 - Telerik UI

Posted by Andy Feng on December 20, 2022


method 1: use msi installation

it enables vs to create Telerik Blazor application

method 2: install Telerik Blazor extension, then create Telerik Blazor application

After installation, you got

method 3: use nuget to install libs to existing project; then config Startup.cs

  1. add ui components: download zip package at

    unzip > vs > manage nuget package source > point to the unzip folder; or simply set as

    select Telerik.UI.for.Blazor

  2. add css

    if server model > Pages > _Host.cshtml > add

     <link rel="stylesheet" href="_content/Telerik.UI.for.Blazor.Trial/css/kendo-theme-bootstrap/all.css" />
     <script src="_content/Telerik.UI.for.Blazor.Trial/js/telerik-blazor.js" defer></script>

    if client(webassembly) model > modify wwwroot > index.razor

  3. add reference

    if server model > _imports.razor

     @using Telerik.Blazor
     @using Telerik.Blazor.Components
  4. if server model > modify Startup.cs or Program.cs

  5. modify MainLayout.razor > wrap all content into <TelerikRootComponent>


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